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Outpatient: 220 Main Street, Klamath Falls OR 97601


Breaking the Cycle Recovery House: 541-887—7953


About Transformations

Transformations Wellness Center

Transformations, a 501c(3) nonprofit, substance use disorder (SUD) treatment program, serving Klamath County Oregon, is an Oregon nonprofit charitable 501(c)(3) corporation governed by a Board of Directors and administered by the CEO, who is responsible for the organization’s business and day-to-day operations. Transformations began operations in 2007 as a small five-bed men’s residential treatment facility and has grown to a 24 bed residential facility and now offers outpatient treatment service, substance use disorder assessments, counseling, including DUII services, Office Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT), Recovery Housing for both men and women, peer support service and case-management.

Our Core values
Our Vision

No person seeking recovery from substance use disorders will ever have to wait to access services. By creating a full continuum of services, we will alleviate the gaps that interfere with a person’s ability to be successful in their recovery. With continued positive relationships in our community, we will develop partnerships to create a network of care that will meet each individual’s need.

Our Mission

Transformation’s services include the entire spectrum of behavioral health care by providing a full continuum of services through collaboration with community partners to provide holistic individualized care.

Our Core values


Means being honest, doing and meaning what we say, leading by example, doing the right thing, and being accountable.


Is being dependable, dedicated, reliable and following through with what we say we will do; taking ownership within our position and the organization.


Means continuously increasing our education and skills, and using empathy, wisdom and understanding of one’s role; utilizing resources; and knowing when to ask for help.


We demonstrate empathy, understanding, and kindness; employees have a genuine desire to help through active listening and patience.

Individual Worth / Worthiness

Practicing self-care, knowing and setting boundaries, seeking balance and setting priorities.


We work well with each other, and our community partners by practicing acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, patience, communication, trust and respect. We are willing to listen actively with open-minds, open and willing to give and receive feedback, and we are willing to compromise. We practice self-evaluation, self-correction and are aware and willing to ask for and offer help when it is needed, and we will offer assistance to others when they need it.


We are providing outreach, partnership, appropriate relationship/friendship building, volunteering, pro-social behaviors, selflessness, giving, networking, faith, hope and love

Health & Wellness

We promote and support positive behavioral change, holistic self-care, stress reduction, a healthy environment, nutrition, fitness, and accountability.


We value and practice professional boundaries through appropriate self-representation, continuous self-evaluation, and appropriate consultation.


We work to determine what is best for employees, the individual we serve and our community. We seek to find the most innovative way to provide services that meet the needs of our population and our community.

Transformation Wellness Center Treatment Philosophy

We value and encourage recovery based lifestyles.

We believe in everyone’s ability to make positive and effective changes in their lives despite significant challenges.

We believe in second chances.

We believe in a holistic approach focusing on the physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and mental health needs of each individual and family we serve.

We believe in the therapeutic value of community.

We employ the use of current evidence-based treatment practices.

Our Program

Transformations works to transform these individuals back into their former selves, by helping them learn life and recovery skills, reconnecting them with their families and connecting them with long, long-term services recovery support, homes, jobs, and education so they can resume healthy, happy, and productive lifestyles.

Our services are culturally responsive, and trauma informed care is built into the core of our work. Our programming includes the following evidence-based practices for optimum SUD outcomes: Motivational interviewing, Psycho Educational Groups, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) using Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Anger Management, Relapse Prevention, experiential process groups, family involvement, therapeutic outings, life skills development, therapeutic gardening, and meditation groups. When indicated we help individuals access medications that support recovery from opioid and alcohol use disorders.