Residential: 3647 Highway 39, Klamath Falls OR 97603

Outpatient: 220 Main Street, Klamath Falls OR 97601


Breaking the Cycle Recovery House: 541-887—7953

How long is our treatment program?

Our residential treatment is approximately 90 days long, however; each person is an individual and will be re-assessed throughout treatment for medical necessity and may stay a longer or shorter time depending on how quickly they engage in a recovery process

Length of stay in our outpatient program is based on the client need at assessment and is reassessed throughout treatment to determine medical necessity, which will determine the length a person will need to stay in treatment.

An individual may stay in our recovery houses up to 24 months if they are working on their recovery goals.

Under do you take OHP

The Oregon Health Plan pays for both residential and outpatient treatment programs. Our staff are trained to assist those who may be eligible for OHP apply.

The Oregon Health Plan does not currently pay for recovery housing. The cost for housing at the Breaking the Cycle Recovery homes is $600 per month, vouchers are available to those who need rental assistance. Our peer support staff may be able to find help with rent, please contact Sarah Covert at 541-887-7953

What steps do I need to do to get into treatment?

An assessment is required to determine the type of treatment needed, for each individual.

If a person’s substance abuse problems can be managed in outpatient, or if you are unsure what type of services you may need, please contact our outpatient program to get started by calling 541-884-5244, Ext #2

If you have a DUII, please call our outpatient treatment program at 541-884-5244, Ext #2

If you are interest in our Office-based Opioid Treatment program, please call our outpatient program 541-884-5244, Ext #2

Under what things do I need to take care of prior to my admission into Transformations to residential treatment
  • Add – a completed TB test
  • Add – An up to date Covid-19 vaccination
  • Add – a completed history and physical (find the history and physical form under “About Transformations”.
  • Covid vaccinations are required. If an individual is not vaccinated, they can get their first shot before they arrive, and we will help them get their second vaccination
  • Currently the State of Oregon requires that all staff and clients in health care facilities wear masks at all times.